Frequently Asked Questions


Where does your traffic come from?

We have large private ad network that has a combined 200 million visitors per day. These visitors are sourced from a pop-under ads, expired domains and redirects. When you purchase website traffic from us, your website is showed until your target number of visitors is reached. We are a PPV (Pay Per Visit) traffic network, so these visitors are being automatically redirected to your website and a text ad or creative is not necessary.


What is the referrer of the traffic?

Referrer will be claroads.com


What sites are allowed?

We allow all websites (adult included) as long as they are legal and don’t brake any laws.


Is this traffic AdSense safe?

We are not recommending to use our traffic for websites with Goole adsense code. Google Adsense doesn't prohibit buying traffic, what they are not allowing is software manipulating the clicks on their ads. Since we're sending real human traffic to your website, our services don't fall into this category. However even if it is not written in their terms, they don’t like paid traffic and your account might be suspended.


Will Google Analytics will show visitors sent to my site?

It will show lower number of visitors compared to our stats. The stats in your members area show 100% of your visitors since we track all visitors before redirecting them to your website. Other trackers (such as Google analytics or awstats) show lower number because some visitors close website before it loads tracker code, some might now have javascript support, etc.


How long does it take for my campaign to start after purchase?

Most new campaigns are approved within 24 hours on average.


How can I track the traffic that I purchase?

In the members area you will see detailed traffic statistics for your campaigns.


What will visitors "bounce rate" and "time spent on site"?

It depends on your website, but generally websites with faster loading time have better bounce rate statistics. Most of our traffic is POP based, so you can expect high bounce rate and low time spent on site due to the nature of this traffic.


What if I have other questions, which are not listed here?

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