Publishers frequently asked questions

  • - What are your requirements for new publishers?

    We don’t have any specific requirements for publishers, so no matter how much traffic you are getting, you can work with us.

  • - What kind of traffic is accepted?

    We accept any kind of traffic (desktop, mobile, social, expired domains, etc.) as long as it is real visitors and not bots or other fraudulent traffic, where visitors never see advertisements.

  • - Do you accept adult traffic?

    Yes, adult traffic is accepted, just inform your account manager to set up the right coverage for this kind of traffic to get better CPM.

  • - What integration methods you are offering?

    Our main integration methods are:

    • Direct link
    • Pop-up Javascript Tag
    • XML/JSON Feed
    • We can also offer custom integration methods, just write to our support and we will try to find best solution for tour needs
  • - What is your minimum payout?

    Minimum payout depends on payment method. It is $50 for paypal and payoneer; $500 for SEPA payment and international wire transfer.

  • - How often payments are made?

    Payments are issued automatically on NET30 basis, if minimum payout reached. This means that payment of January for example, will be processed on the first week of March.

Advertisers frequently asked questions

  • - What is minimum deposit amount?

    Minimum deposit amount is $10 for paypal or payoneer and $500 for SEPA payment or international wire transfer.

  • - What deposit methods are accepted?

    Paypal, payoneer, SEPA payment, international wire transfer

  • - What targeting options you are offering?

    The main targeting options are: Countries; OS Type; Browsers; Devices; Carriers; IP Range; Domain; Publisher ID; SubID

  • - Do you accept adult ads?

    Yes, adult ads are accepted.